Fall in Love With Thailand’s Many Courses With a Timeshare

Fall in Love With Thailand’s Many Courses With a Timeshare

With its varied landscape, ideal climate and lush natural
surroundings, Thailand is home to some of the world’s most beautiful, and
challenging golf courses. As such, it’s become an increasingly popular vacation
destination for the avid golfer who’s looking for a change of scenery.

Many vacationers to the area find they love golfing in
Thailand so much that they’d like to return year after year.

Unfortunately, securing accommodation in such a coveted
vacation destination, especially during high-season (which also happens to be
prime golfing season) can be expensive. One way to ensure that you’re never at
the whim of the frequently changing lodging market is to explore the option of timeshares.

These vacation properties make it possible for you and
your family to secure prepaid, weeklong accommodations at the Thailand
timeshare of your choice. Once you own your property outright, the only thing
you’ll ever have to pay is an annual or biennial maintenance fee respective to
your usage. You’ll have one rate that you can confidently budget for and you’ll
generally spread your payments out throughout the year so that when it comes
time to vacation, you won’t bear the brunt of your accommodation costs all at

One of the things you’ll find when golfing in Thailand is
that there are so many beautiful courses peppered throughout the country’s many
islands. While in Phuket you’ll hear stories of golfing on Koh Samui. In Chiang
Mai golfers will tell tales of their outings in Bangkok. These stories will
certainly whet your appetite to travel around the country, experiencing
world-class golf wherever you go.

You might be concerned that your timeshare will have tied
you down to one location, but the opposite is actually true. Provided that you
buy timeshare that is affiliated with an exchange company like RCI or Interval
International, you can trade your time at your Thailand timeshare for time at
any other affiliated resorts in the country, or even the world.

Ready to buy timeshare and secure a lifetime of
golfing vacations in Thailand? Consider purchasing your timeshare resale to
save thousands. When you buy from a previous owner, rather than from the resort
itself, you won’t be paying any salesmen’s commissions, nor will you have to
sit through any long-winded sales pitches. Instead you can shop for your timeshare from the comfort of your own
home, working within your own budget.

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