Thailand Security Update (Part 2 of 2)

Thailand Security Update (Part 2 of 2)

Tp_stand In this second and final part of my post I will cover 2 specific topics that you may have come across in the news lately.Theses topics are the recent political demonstrations, with regards to the removal of the prime minister, and the ongoing conflict in the extreme southern region of the country.

The political situation is of no worry to any prospective visitor to Thailand, and all demonstrations have been of a very peaceful and democratic in nature. Many people in Thailand are unhappy with the leader of the current political party in power, not the party itself. Due to certain business dealings, they are seeking to have fresh elections without this individual involved. These demonstrations have now stopped, following the decision to run fresh elections over the coming months. There is no threat at all of any of this affecting tourists visiting Thailand, and all protests are very much of a peaceful nature.

The ongoing conflicts in the south are based on the Muslim denominated population wishing to retain ownership of this part of the country, and are extremely localized. The affected area is the 3 most southern provinces and is very much away from any of the tourist destinations. The Thai government continues to oversee this situation. Over the last couple of years since the emergence of this problem, at no time have any tourists ever been involved in any aspect of these matters.

Overall, the Thai government is seen as one of the most pro-active in the prevention of terrorism throughout the world, and most visitors encounter no problems whatsoever. They are a very proud and patriotic nation, and will give no safe haven to anyone involved in such activities. This and the heightened level of awareness in recent time’s means that it has never been safer to travel here, and enjoy what this amazing country has to offer.

In fact I will go out on a limb and claim that is much safer to be on vacation in Thailand, than to go to a shopping mall in any city in the United States. Think about that the next time you go out for groceries! Now what are you waiting for?

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