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Caddie Championship in Thailand

Caddie Championship in Thailand

Thailand is well known as a hot golfing destination with over 260 great golf courses and those ever smiling Thai Caddies.

Thailand Golf Caddies Come rain or shine they read the greens, give you the yardage, hold your umbrella and if you are lucky even give your shoulders a quick massage too.

After putting up with us holiday hackers, you would have thought they would have had enough of the golf course, but a large number actually like to play a round themselves.

Smart thinking General Managers encourage them to play on Monday’s or late in the evening, as it improves their knowledge and understanding of their course and the game overall.

Taking this a step further they now hold a series of Caddie Championships in various regions around Thailand sponsored by the Tourism Authority of Thailand and Singha.

The hunt is on to find Thailand’s best lady caddy golfer.

The TAT – Singha Caddy Championship 2011 consists of six qualifying rounds leading to a grand final at Siam Old Course on September 26th.

All the rounds take place on a Monday rotating across six venues- Putalong Navy in Pattaya, Singha Park in Kong Kaen, Narai Hills in Lopburi, Majestic Creek in Hua Hin, Royal Hills in Nakon Nayok and Burapha in Pattaya.

There are 144 places at each venue and the top 24 golfers will qualify for the grand final. The sponsors’ support allows the caddies to play for a small entry fee that includes green fee, dinner and a lucky draw.

The Grand Final at Siam Old Course will see 144 qualifiers battling for the title of Thailand Caddy Champion, with a first prize of Baht 55,000.

What started out as a simple idea seems to be catching on as a team of Korean Caddies will fly to Thailand later in the year to play a team of Thai Caddies. Later on the will hold the International Caddy Championship in 2012 with teams from China, Japan, Korea and Thailand competing.

Maybe we can expect to find the future Michelle Wie or Yany Seng from these events.

Bottom line is the golf vacationers will now be getting some expert tips which has to be good!

All of this is great news for golfers and caddies alike. Next time you see that smiling face on the first tee, stop and think whether she might be a future LPGA champion as a result of this special opportunity.

Smiling Caddies, Sunshine & Great Golf!

Smiling Caddies, Sunshine & Great Golf!

Living here in Thailand perhaps we take for granted the pleasures of playing a round of golf.

Back home in Europe, the snow has put paid to the pre Christmas round with your golf buddies. Can’t get the car out of the deep drifts!!!

Here we are experiencing our own milder weather… still a beautiful 25c with a cool breeze!

No panic with the traffic to get to the course on time here though. Just relax in the back of your limo, while your driver takes you directly to a Thailand golf course.

Open the car door and immediately a smiling caddie says ‘Sawadee Ka ‘ and will take your clubs from you, and will even offer you a welcome drink and a cold towel.

DSC01281 Once you have registered, changed and found your buggy, it’s off to the practice range to hit some balls. Here the caddie will hand you your clubs, and even pick up your balls from the pitching area.

When it’s time to go, the starter will check your ticket, and then you are all ready to go.

If you have never played with a caddie before, the experience can be a bit daunting to begin with, however you soon realise that they are there to make your round that bit more enjoyable.

Most of the caddies at Thailand's golf courses are girls aged between 18-25yrs old and they make their living by caddying maybe 4-5 times a week. The club normally charges the golfer a caddie fee of around Baht300 and then it’s up to you to give them a tip at the end.

If you ask them how much, the normal response is ‘It is up to you.’ Probably Baht300-500 tip for 18 holes is the norm, although if you go round in a low score or get a hole in one, then their tip can increase.

Not only are the often very pretty and fun to be with, they know each hole as they see everyone play the course all year round. So they can give you the best advice on where to aim from the tee box, and how to read the greens.

They will also hold your umbrella and fan you to keep you cool. If you stop at one of the drink stops, its often nice to offer them a drink too.

Most caddies have nick names like Beer, Oil or Chop. Easy to remember!

At the end of the round, your caddie will ask you to count your clubs before taking them back to your car. They will often give you a card with their name and number on. You then slot it into the box marked poor up to excellent! 

If you liked your caddie, make a note of her number, in case you return and want the club to book her for your second round there.

Here’s just another reason why playing golf in Thailand is such a great experience.