Pattaya Golf Societies: Part 2 or 2

Pattaya_golfHere is the continuation of my post on Pattaya golf social clubs, staring with the conclusion on the Pattaya Sports Club (PSC) and then covering some of the lesser clubs in Pattaya.

Weekly PSC Golf is run through several member groups operating from different venues in Pattaya, notably Cafe Kronborg, Tropical Bert’s Bar and Lewinsky’s Bar/Restaurant. This is to accommodate the large number of golfers who want a wide range of golf courses, competition formats and starting times.  PSC also organizes a monthly tournament and an annual Charity Classic Tournament. The PSC membership is probably the most international you will find in any one club in the world. Rarely will you play in a four ball with players of one nationality. For those who travel frequently to Pattaya the PSC is a good choice.

Another popular Pattaya golf and social club is run from the  O.K. Corral Bar, situated in Rungland Village, just off South Pattaya Road. It is the home of the Pattaya Golf Society , "the bunker boys", claimed to be Pattaya’s oldest golf society. This golf society is the second most popular in Pattaya with either stableford or medal competitions arranged twice each week on Tuesdays and Thursdays. The membership is comprised of long term residents and golf travelers alike. All are welcome, regardless of gender, age or handicap.

Some other Pattaya golf societies include The Pattaya Expats Club which has its own professional golf instructor, the Shenanigans Very Friendly Golf Society (SVFGS), which organizes golf events for all golfers whether you are a visitor, a stranger, a beginner, or just a very friendly member, and the Jameson’s International Golf Society, aptly abbreviated to ‘JIGS’, a small and rather sociable independent golf society which organizes fortnightly competitions and major tournaments at selected golf courses.

I can recommend any of these clubs for those travelling to Pattaya and are looking for a pick up game and a good way to meet new friends.

If you have any good Pattaya golf society stories or recommendations please feel free to post a comment here of if you prefer email me at my Thailand golf vacation company and I will take care of the posting duties.


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