Pattaya Golf Societies: Part 1 or 2

Pattaya_golf_societyGolf in Pattaya and the Thai eastern seaboard is some of the best in Thailand. As such it is no coincidence that Pattaya also hosts numerous regular golf societies and has by far the largest in Thailand, The Pattaya Sports Club, founded in mid-1979. At that time, Pattaya was a quiet, out-of-the-way seaside fishing village. Weekenders came mostly from Bangkok to enjoy the beach, water sports, and breezy outdoor seafood restaurants. The locals were mainly fishermen and small shop owners. Among the few foreign residents were a handful of Vietnam expatriates who had settled in Pattaya.

One of them, Bill Gilmore, called together thirty-one sports-minded Charter Members, men and women, Thais and foreigners.  They named the club, approved the club symbol and agreed that the objectives of the club would be to conduct and promote sports events and contribute to local charities.  Through the years Pattaya has grown into an internationally known tourist destination, albeit now with many beer bars and the ever present prostitution.

The PSC has grown also. What started as an occasional golf group, now runs daily golf competitions, weekly darts, lawn bowls, ten-pin bowling and softball events and fishing tournaments.  Computer and bridge enthusiasts meet weekly. Supporting local charities remains a key objective of the club. PSC Membership runs into thousands, most of whom are golfers, and some of whom are residents of Pattaya.  These residents form the nucleus of the club’s year round golf. There are also short and long stay visitors; and Pattaya golf travelers,, many of whom return year after year, some because of the quality of golf and to chase after the aforementioned other “amenities” Pattaya offers.

Tomorrow I will finish this post about Pattaya Golf Societies. In the meantime, if you have any particular golf society you would like to recommend or mention please feel free to post a comment here of if you prefer email me at my Thailand golf vacation company and I will take care of the posting duties.


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