My Thailand Short Game

Thailand Chip ShotI was playing with friends last week at Royal Gems Golf City and they mentioned that my short game was pretty good. I was able to get up-and-down around 50% of the time, even on the sloped green on August #10. That saved par for me on an otherwise poorly played hole.

Therefore, this week I thought to share my Thailand golf short game tips here.
My chipping is mainly due to my special grip. So if your chipping leaves something to be desired, try changing grips.

Most Thailand golfers use a standard neutral grip to hit chips. But too often I see that leads to either long putts to the hole or worse fat shots that do not even make it to the green.

If this sounds like you when golfing in Thailand then you're not helping yourself. You need to get closer to the hole to have a short makeable putt.

Below are three keys that I use for the Thailand golf chip shot:

1. Turn both hands to the left and use a very weak grip. There's nothing wrong with using the standard neutral grip if it's producing results. The standard neutral grip is hit with both thumbs on top of the shaft. But if it's not working, you may want to do something about it. Using a weak grip prevents the club from digging into the turf and save you strokes.

To create a stronger grip, turn both hands to the left. If you're left-handed, turn your grip slightly right.

2. Keep your wrists firm. When you swing, keep your wrists firm, your hands ahead of the clubface, and the back of your left hand facing the target through impact and moving down the target line. Left-handers will want to keep the back of their right hand facing the target through impact and moving down the target line.

3. Hit down on the ball and keep the clubface moving to the target. While this shot is intimidating for the faint-hearted, in reality it is very easy, just relax and hit through the ball. 

Follow these steps and I am sure you will chip like a pro when you golf in Thailand.


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