Hole-In-One Prize When Golfing In Thailand

Hole-In-One-Thailand-Golf What have you wished for if you could get a hole-in-one on your Thailand golf vacation? Well how about this fitness guarantee?

Last week while golfing in Pattaya I ran across this great hole-in-one prize at Rayong Green Valley Golf Club. What better way could the golf club owners think of  to reward the most accomplished (lucky) golfers in Thailand with a prize to guarantee the winner's longevity and golfing career.

On the other hand, a check up at the most expensive hospital in Bangkok only runs around $200 US dollars. So for those of us who are not so lucky when golfing in Thailand, we will have to spend a bit to get the information about our health and insure that we can golf in Thailand well into our old age.

Have a healthy game!


  1. My friend had a hole in one at Phoenix Golf Course Pattaya. The sign said the prize was 20 boxes of singha. At the clubhouse they said that was only for Thais (!!) and he would get an umbrella instead. After some discussion they added a golf bag as well. This took 12 weeks to arrive after many phone calls — lucky we both live here !

  2. Inayathusein Kudrati

    Whilst on a Golfing Holiday in Thailand I scored a “Hole-in-One” on 2nd February,2011 at Laem Chabang International Country Club at 5B hole, of the Lake course at the 167 yardage, Club used Iron 5. I was issued with a Hole-in-One certificate. I specially like to thank my lady caddy who was of great assistance in giving direction both on the Fairway and on the Green and correct yardages through out the game. I would also like to thank the Staff and the Management of Laem Chabang Int. Country Club for hosting 8 Golfers from Mombasa, Kenya and the enjoyable 18 holes we had and the excellent lunch and services we had at the resturant. Hope to come back next year.

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