Hole-In-One Prize When Golfing In Thailand

Hole-In-One-Thailand-Golf What have you wished for if you could get a hole-in-one on your Thailand golf vacation? Well how about this fitness guarantee?

Last week while golfing in Pattaya I ran across this great hole-in-one prize at Rayong Green Valley Golf Club. What better way could the golf club owners think of  to reward the most accomplished (lucky) golfers in Thailand with a prize to guarantee the winner's longevity and golfing career.

On the other hand, a check up at the most expensive hospital in Bangkok only runs around $200 US dollars. So for those of us who are not so lucky when golfing in Thailand, we will have to spend a bit to get the information about our health and insure that we can golf in Thailand well into our old age.

Have a healthy game!


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