Asian PGA Tour a Frequent Visitor to Thailand in 2009 (part 1 of 2)

Asian Golf Tour
 Asian PGA Tour players would do well to brush up on their Thai language skills, as the tour will be making several golf stops in Thailand during 2009 with the season beginning and ending in the Kingdom and more events along the way.

Great Thai golf courses and weather, combined with world class accommodations and famous Thai hospitality have apparently charmed the Tour into coming back again and again, much as it has for growing numbers of international holiday golfers and travelers.  Perhaps the tour bosses have also developed a taste for jasmine rice, tum yum gung, pad thai and som tam?

The Asian Tour Qualifying School kicked it all off January 06 – 09, with 1st Stage events at Bangkok’s Lam Luk Ka Country Club plus two Pattaya area clubs: Rayong Green Valley and St. Andrews 2000.  The latter two courses also held the Q School’s Final Stage a week later.

In addition to hopefuls from Thailand, Japan, Korea, India, China and other eastern origins, quite a few Europeans, Australians and Americans gave a shot at Asian Q School.  No doubt many were a bit surprised with the level of competition.  Golf has truly become an International game with fine young players now coming from all corners of the globe.

A total of 40 players earned their cards for the 2009 season. These included Japan's Daisuke Maruyama and Mohammad Siddikur and Rory Hie becoming the first Bangladeshi and Indonesian players respectively to earn full playing rights on the Asian Tour.

Tomorrow's post will cover the specific Asian Tour events planned in Thailand for the 2009 season, stay tuned!

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