6 Tips For Golfing In Thailand When It Is Hot

6 Tips For Golfing In Thailand When It Is Hot

Thailand Hot Golf I played golf in Thailand last week with an Australian golf group. After 15 holes several of the golfers felt so tired that they had to sit down and stop their rounds. That golf incident prompted me to write this post.

Playing in tropical climates such as Thailand creates special situations. You must watch out for dehydration and fatigue and in some more severe cases, heat exhaustion, else risk a poor round, or worse.

Here are a few tips perform at your best when golfing in Thailand:

1.    Play in early in the morning when the temperature in Thailand is coolest
2.    Wear a golf hat, shorts, and light colored short sleeved shirt preferably made of the new generation of dry-fit fabrics.
3.    Bring a small towel to dry off sweat.
4.    Use 2 or 3 golf gloves and change every 3 or 4 holes
5.    Drink lots of water before and during the game. Avoid alcohol on the Thailand golf courses as it dehydrates the body. Eat only lightly on the course. Fresh fruits are always good.
6.    Use an umbrella for the sun and stay in the shade as much as possible when not hitting.

Follow these simple tips and you will be sure to enjoy your Thailand golf holiday to its fullest.

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