10 Reasons Why You Should Never Choose Thailand as Your Next Golf Holiday Destination

Thailand is a truly bad choice for your next golf holiday destination. Here’s why.

Note: Please don’t tell your friends.

1) The golf courses in the north of the country are plain ugly:

Alpine Golf Course Chiang Mai
Alpine Golf Resort in Chiang Mai

2) …and in the center:

Thai Country Club
Thai Country Club in Bangkok

3) …as well as in the south:

Mission Hills Phuket
Mission Hills Phuket

4) The Thai caddies don’t know how to smile:

Thai Caddies

5) It’s almost impossible to find a massage or spa:


6) Nightlife is non-existent:

Bangkok Nightlife

7) Nor are there any nice rooftop bars:

Bangkok rooftop bar
Vertigo Grill & Moon Bar in Bangkok

8) The hotels are uncomfortable at best:

Rest Detail
Rest Details Hotel Hua Hin

9) The beaches are a joke:

Thailand beach

10) And as we all already know, the food is just disgusting:

Thai Food

Now, you hopefully have a good idea as to why you should (not) book your next golf holiday to Thailand!

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